Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pictures Pictures Pictures

I've been crazy obsessed with photography and decided to get a DSLR oh about 4 years ago I think?! Ever since Faren I try to get as many pictures of him as possible, and have been taking some pictures of family, and an old friend with her son. I thought I'd share some since they are too cute :o)

First Up: Sister and her hoodlums :)

Second: My baby.....spring time = beautiful wildflowers

 Few with daddy

 Can't forget grandma!

Finally: Old friend and her son

Okay, okay I'm done for now. Until next time of course :)

Happy shooting
<3 Timberly

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Mother's Day Gift

It's been awhile, soooo I thought I'd share my little craft for all the mamas in my life. 

-Terra cotta pot 
-Cardstock paper
-Paint ((spray or acrylic))
-Paint brushes
-Clear spray enamel 
-Hot glue
-Soil & flowers

I didn't take pictures of steps buttttttttt it's stupid easy.

-Paint your pot, or don't totally optional 
-Print your pictures, I did use cardstock ((non-textured)) but I forgot to print one picture and used regular computer paper and it did okay, but if you do so just be careful because it may rip. And I will note that mine did bleed but i just ended up touching up my paint, I was okay with it. 
-Attach pictures to pot with mod-podge......let dry
-Spray pots with clear enamel, I didn't this to keep my paint from chipping since I used acrylic
-Attach ribbon with your hot glue
-Plant your desired flowers
-Admire your hard work!

I used burlap ribbon, who doesn't love burlap ?!?!?!?

Anywho, Happy Mother's Day to all the little Mama's and mama to be's out there!!! I hope everyone had a special day!! 

Happy Crafting,
<3 Timberly

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

DIY Old Door Mirror

I have a serious obsession with old doors, and a huge fan of eclectic decor. I think my husband and I went to get haircuts maybe? And here in Texas they have a sale on one of our highways with antiques annually, and from the highway I saw these old doors. I HAD TO HAVE ONE! Of course we went home my husband not taking me too serious I guess lol so we went home but I decided to go to my moms later and told her I NEEDED a door :) so we went back looking along with my grandmother who embarrassed me by trying to make a deal! I don't know why but that crap really embarrasses me, it shouldn't right? Anyway this elderly man made cabinets out of them so he wouldn't take any less for door. We walked away paying 40$. I guess that's kind of high?! Oh well I NEEDED it remember? So I've had the door for about 3 years now. We used it as a headboard at first 

So here we are as a headboard. yeah we just screwed that baby into the wall and the crack didn't bother me ((Was there when we got it))

We decided to take it down since we are turning that room into playroom for Faren. He has the smallest bedroom since we already turned that into a guest room/sewing room. But he has too much stuff so its time. Anyway...................

What you'll need

Old door ((obviously))
Mirror ((cut to size, if its not a large mirror try Lowes))
Mirror Mastic ((or liquid nails for mirrors))
Chalk gun

I didn't take pictures of process. Its pretty straight forward. All you do.........

Load your gun
Place mirror mastic where the mirror will be placed
Lay mirror
Let dry 

That's it! I didn't put anything around the raw edge of my mirror, doesn't bother me any! 


I think Faren likes it :)

<3 Timberly

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Train Table to Art Table

My nephew had this train table for years and was getting rid of it and my little sister had the awesome idea of turning it into an art/craft table! Faren's a little young for any of that right now but I was pretty excited about it and got it somewhat done ((have only one side painted for far! lol)) Just went to Lowe's and picked up some chalkboard paint!

A somewhat before picture

We drilled holes in each corner to hold cups for supplies

Took 3 coats of paint

He loves playing with the chalk, and well tries to eat it

Don't think we have many crayons left that haven't been broken, but that's okay

Cups I found

All supplies came from Dollar Tree minus the paint and chalk

Ready to draw together!

<3 Timberly

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Reducing Appearance of Scratches in Wood

I decided to put Mr. Faren in his crib for a bit ((we are co-sleepers)) so he could get a little use to it and I had this bright idea to put the dogs in there with him lol so he'd feel more comfortable. Well they didn't like it and ended up scratching the wood. ((Don't tell my husband)) So I went searching for a little home remedy to reduce the appearance and came up with vinegar and olive oil. You use equal parts. I didn't need much so I used 1 tablespoon of each.  

Scratched or not, isn't this adorable


Peek a boo baby :)
anyway, After....not as bad though right?

The turd that scratched bubs bed

Anywho, I'm pretty excited to have found something that worked! And who knew right?! So easy, I just used a paper towel :)

<3 Timberly

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One Year Pictures

Totally slipped my mind to share a few of Faren's one year pictures. He was in such a horrible mood that day, and he usually loves the camera, but Doc McStuffins turned the frown upside down and we got a good ones! Enjoy!

Ok I couldn't just pick a few, he's so darn cute!

<3 Timberly

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