Friday, January 10, 2014

Juicing day 4

I've been juicing 4 days? I think, its been going  good today I decided to try something new, I believe I posted the site I got the idea from off Pinterest. The Bluepeary Recipe...I didn't really follow it exactly but same ingredients and was really yummy. Babe and I have been waking up a little lateish lately so I've been drinking my juice and not really eating anything because I'm not really hungry after, I guess that could be bad but I tend to eat a lot during day so it is what it is. Anyway so this recipe.......

Approx 1 cup of blueberries
A handful of spinach
1 pear

It kind of looks brown in the picture but its actually purpleish. It was pretty tastey. People think spinach and probably think that's sick, but you can't taste it, or I can't. This didn't make that much but that's okay. 

I researched some about juicing and refrigerating and all  I could find is it lasting 24-48 hrs and in a container filled to top with no air gap. I'm trying it out for tomorrow morning that I can drink some and so can Faren without having to do it once I get home from work. I need to do some more researching since I'm still learning about all this juicing stuff, will update when I can :)

<3 Timberly


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