Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Monthly Baby Pictures

Watch Baby Grow!

              As promised, while baby naps I thought I'd take some time to show how I've done baby boys monthly photos. The goal is to have the same setup each month! Pick a favorite chair, their crib, a basket, anything! You can put in a stuffed animal to show size comparison if you wish. I've chosen to put in a picture frame!
             You want to try to get by a window if possible for good lighting. Also the clothing, in my opinion it looks so much better when they are wearing the same outfit. I picked a white onesie. I've seen cute little onesies on Etsy that are labeled with each month those are adorable but being a mommy on a budget I chose the cheapest route. Also on Etsy are the little monthly stickers where you can just stick on onesies!

......I did vertical as well......

                 I tried to get the same angle each time, I failed sometimes, okay most of the time, but same set up, same prop. That's your goal. Have fun with it! I look forward to this each month. The plan is to turn this into a little banner for his birthday :) 

Happy shooting!
<3 Timberly



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