Monday, January 6, 2014

My Story

My first blog woohoo! Ok so here goes

This is me, Timberly, wife, mommy to the most beautiful baby boy, RN, and DIY addict. Quick and short background not much to me :) I've lived in Texas my whole 26 years not living further than 30-35 miles from my childhood home. I have 3 siblings, 3 nieces and 2 nephews. 

 I married my best friend very young engaged and married at 19. We lived a typical married life me as a student pursuing my RN and the hubby holding down a job in the oil field. 

Our Wedding 6.16.07

me and hubby in 2007

I've been a RN for coming up 3 years, the 3 years I have been working with special needs children. Currently being a new mommy, I work weekend nights which isn't easy but I love being with my little man during the week!

My Pinning Dec 2010

 After 5 years of marriage we decided to add a little bundle of joy to our family. After conceiving we decided to keep baby's gender a surprise until delivery. I mean after all do we really need to know? I didn't think so and it was so much more exciting! Which this decision ended up ticking a lot of people off but we didn't care :) 

First photo 8w2d


20 weeks

31 weeks. last belly photo without baby marks :o/

35 weeks

40w1d last belly picture :)

Just a few maternity shots

sorry for the picture overload lol

Pregnancy was awesome. No issues until the end at 39 weeks I went in for a routine visit and my blood pressure was a little high and of course my doctor was on vacation that always happens doesn't it? So the Doctor I was seeing decided that I should be induced that night even though I was pretty much sealed shut if you know what I mean. So we registered and all that jazz and the party got going, induced with Pitocin baby had a deceleration because my uterus had three continuous contractions without relaxing, and here comes two "calm" nurses running to my bedside. After that the baby was ok the rest of the night but mommy made no sign of delivering baby. So we decided that maybe I wasnt ready and my b/p was fine all night so I wanted to go home and wait instead of eventually going for a section. I was released so I had an appointment to see my doctor the coming week, of course I got there and my b/p was high, I only had to walk a mile to the office ya know. So we went in that night to be induced yet again. This time I labored 16 hours only dilating to a 1, water broke, being checked at noon I hadn't changed, baby wasnt engaged, we decided to go in for a section. After 5 minutes of laying there and anxiously waiting to hear if it was a boy or a girl, the doctor asked daddy if he wanted to tell me, and he whispers "it's a boy" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S A BOY!!!! A BEAUTIFUL BIG BOY! Weighing in a 8 lbs 10 oz 22 inches long born on 2/12/13!!!!!! Love at first sight!

 Please meet Faren Everett

^^this was after he peed on his nurse :) ^^

After taking our Valentine home we spent one night at home and had to be admitted to hospital for Jaundice. He wasnt critical so only 24 hours of phototherapy. Made mommy sad :(

Currently my little turkey is 10 months old. I'll do a later blog of all his monthly pictures, but this is his latest

We have been blessed with a very healthy 10 months almost 11 now! Will have blog on birthday planning and DIY projects!!!! This pretty much concludes us! Mommy, Daddy, and baby, well and two pupdogs

Thanks for reading! 
<3 Timberly


  1. Just wanna say I love your Blog! It is fun to read and looking at that sweet little Faren makes it more fun :) Keep on Keepin On!

  2. Thank you :o) I've been surprised on how much fun it is to blog! Even if no one is reading it lol


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