Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stamped/Painted Baby Leggings

I'm pretty much obsessed ((behind Moccasins of course)) with these stamped/painted baby leggings, but I don't know maybe I'm cheap lol but I think more than 20 bucks for some baby leggings is a little steep! Okay I'm cheap but heck I thought I could give it a try. So I did :) many flaws but they are just for my babe and he will look adorable in a trash bag lets get real here. 

Fabric paint
Stamp or stencil
Paint brush ((you can use foam or one with bristle I'll get into that))
Cardboard/Foam board

I have done a stamp and a stencil, lets just say the stamp is easier lol. I've also used the foam brush and one with bristles and I screwed up more with the foam brush just FYI. For the cardboard/foam board you will fold leggings in half and trace onto the cardboard to stuff into leggings to stretch and make sure paint does leak through. Need two pieces one for each leg, I just used a cracker box :) My first pair I didn't pre-wash and everything still looked good after, but it's recommended to pre-wash your leggings. Let's get started!!!

Ones I've found @ Target, I ended up not liking the striped ones with paint you'll see

This is what I used. Found @ Hobby Lobby

Stencils I made out of anything I could find :)

Stamp found @ Hobby Lobby

Instead of just dipping in paint and placing on leggings I put the paint on with foam brush 
((because just dipping you have a lot of paint on there))

Press on all areas of stamp

Pull straight off
and repeat
I didn't have a certain pattern I wanted to follow, I just went with it :)

You can see some imperfections, you can touch up if you wish with a small paintbrush

Front & Back...I have more on front, but that's okay with me

Takes about 30 minutes to dry ((obviously more paint more time to dry))
Don't wash until 72 hours after painted

okay I'll show you the ones I used brush on

just stamp with the brush. if you don't hold it right you can have a mess

My helper, Nevermind my dirty floor

yeahhhhhh I didn't like it on these

much better ((and nevermind my spot of paint I accidentally got on the leggings lol))

 Paint is still wet, I just finished these tonight. Not what I set out to do but they turned out cute! 

These are so ridiculously easy y'all!

My first pair to make. Who doesn't love lightening bolts?! Some people say leggings on boys are girly but it's sooooo hard to find stylish stuff for baby boys!! I love them! Hope you do as well! If you have any questions just let me know, I'd be happy to answer them :)

Happy stamping!!!
<3 Timberly


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