Sunday, March 2, 2014

DIY Old Door Mirror

I have a serious obsession with old doors, and a huge fan of eclectic decor. I think my husband and I went to get haircuts maybe? And here in Texas they have a sale on one of our highways with antiques annually, and from the highway I saw these old doors. I HAD TO HAVE ONE! Of course we went home my husband not taking me too serious I guess lol so we went home but I decided to go to my moms later and told her I NEEDED a door :) so we went back looking along with my grandmother who embarrassed me by trying to make a deal! I don't know why but that crap really embarrasses me, it shouldn't right? Anyway this elderly man made cabinets out of them so he wouldn't take any less for door. We walked away paying 40$. I guess that's kind of high?! Oh well I NEEDED it remember? So I've had the door for about 3 years now. We used it as a headboard at first 

So here we are as a headboard. yeah we just screwed that baby into the wall and the crack didn't bother me ((Was there when we got it))

We decided to take it down since we are turning that room into playroom for Faren. He has the smallest bedroom since we already turned that into a guest room/sewing room. But he has too much stuff so its time. Anyway...................

What you'll need

Old door ((obviously))
Mirror ((cut to size, if its not a large mirror try Lowes))
Mirror Mastic ((or liquid nails for mirrors))
Chalk gun

I didn't take pictures of process. Its pretty straight forward. All you do.........

Load your gun
Place mirror mastic where the mirror will be placed
Lay mirror
Let dry 

That's it! I didn't put anything around the raw edge of my mirror, doesn't bother me any! 


I think Faren likes it :)

<3 Timberly


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