Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pictures Pictures Pictures

I've been crazy obsessed with photography and decided to get a DSLR oh about 4 years ago I think?! Ever since Faren I try to get as many pictures of him as possible, and have been taking some pictures of family, and an old friend with her son. I thought I'd share some since they are too cute :o)

First Up: Sister and her hoodlums :)

Second: My baby.....spring time = beautiful wildflowers

 Few with daddy

 Can't forget grandma!

Finally: Old friend and her son

Okay, okay I'm done for now. Until next time of course :)

Happy shooting
<3 Timberly

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Mother's Day Gift

It's been awhile, soooo I thought I'd share my little craft for all the mamas in my life. 

-Terra cotta pot 
-Cardstock paper
-Paint ((spray or acrylic))
-Paint brushes
-Clear spray enamel 
-Hot glue
-Soil & flowers

I didn't take pictures of steps buttttttttt it's stupid easy.

-Paint your pot, or don't totally optional 
-Print your pictures, I did use cardstock ((non-textured)) but I forgot to print one picture and used regular computer paper and it did okay, but if you do so just be careful because it may rip. And I will note that mine did bleed but i just ended up touching up my paint, I was okay with it. 
-Attach pictures to pot with mod-podge......let dry
-Spray pots with clear enamel, I didn't this to keep my paint from chipping since I used acrylic
-Attach ribbon with your hot glue
-Plant your desired flowers
-Admire your hard work!

I used burlap ribbon, who doesn't love burlap ?!?!?!?

Anywho, Happy Mother's Day to all the little Mama's and mama to be's out there!!! I hope everyone had a special day!! 

Happy Crafting,
<3 Timberly

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